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Binary Options Strategy 2016

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Tropical Trade

Posted by on Aug 21, 2016 in Binary Options, Broker, Tropical Trade |

Tropical Trade is a brand new and young broker among many online available brokers providing platforms for online trading on the market. The company was launched just several months ago, and it has already gained popularity due to many convenient conditions it offers and comfortable, but highly professional way of working.

Businessman is drawing a growing arrow on the glass screen. Business icons as an integral part of the growing graph.Tropical Trade covers various methods of trading online, but currently, binary options trading is the most attractive strategy among clients, especially novice traders. Since binary options trading particularly requires the reliable and trustworthy broker to link the trader with complex activities on the market, Tropical Trade made efforts to provide clients with the fairest and user-friendly platform and terms of use.

The trading platform is completely web-based, no additional downloads and no hidden fees and charges.

As any other binary options trading platform, Tropical Trade is based on few simple steps. First, you have to be clear with yourself what assets you are interested in. businessman opens a long position by clicking on buyThe broker offers over two hundred various commodities, indices or stocks to choose from. After choosing an asset you want to invest in, you place the trade according to your predictions. Apply “Call” when you expect prices of the chosen asset to rise during expiry period and apply “Put” if you expect it to decline. Enter the desired investing amount of money and choose expiry period.

The interface is rather simplified and easy to use. All necessary categories are listed systematically, so you can easily follow current market prices, remaining time till your period expires and all the changes on the market in the real time.

Tropical Trade requires 5 dollars as the minimum investment per trade, and 250 dollars is minimum deposit when entering broker’s account. Expiry period can be customized, and they vary from 60 seconds to several months.

dinheiro-525x440The broker offers five different accounts, each including various opportunities, advantages, and terms of use. The basic account requires 250 dollars as starting deposit, and it is the most common choice for beginners. Other accounts include professional, Gold, VIP and corporate account. Accounts differ in required deposit; bonuses included features and possibilities that go along.

What interests most of the new potential clients are returning rates. Tropical Trade usually offers between 70% and 85% payouts, but in some cases, the returning rate can decline to 60%. On the other hand, there are methods of trading that include returning rates as high as 1500%.

binary-options-robotTropical Trade currently doesn’t support automated trading and binary options robots, but since they are quite young broker company, it is planned to be integrated in the future. In the meantime, they offer highly precise signal generation and intense monitoring of multiple markets, so no potentially winning opportunity will pass under the radar. Also, they are highly professional when it comes to respecting deadlines. You will not wait for payouts more that few days.

They are dedicated to customer services, offering professional help, advice and educational material in the form of organized courses and classes available to everyone.

All in all, the pretty good choice for the binary options broker, especially if you are a beginner and need a reliable ally in your attempts to profit on the market.



Things to pay attention to when choosing binary options broker

Posted by on Aug 7, 2016 in Binary Options, Broker, Trading Strategy |

Many aspects are interfering with your trading on the market and influencing the outcome, even the pure luck is one of them, but one of the most important factors you can control is choosing an adequate binary options broker. Truth to be said, considering there are so many of them out there nowadays offering pretty similar services and conditions, it can be rather confusing and hard to pick right ones. forex1-620x400E specially if you are new in the world of financial markets and profiting with trading investments.
Here is a brief review of the most important features you should check up when considering certain broker company as your ally in the trading process.
Since many traders nowadays turn to binary options trading and software designed to automate that process, the role of the broker became even more significant. Stocks-Binary-Options-Trading-Online-300x300Accurate signal generation, prompt execution of transactions, solid returning rates and professional approach to all of this is something you should expect and look for if you want your investments to pay out as much as they could.
The thing that precedes every other aspect is to make sure your chosen broker fulfills all the required legal aspects. Check up if the company is registered, licensed and reputable among experienced traders. Otherwise you risk not only losing your money but potentially getting in trouble with law and regulations. Fortunately, there are dozens of famous names and companies covering many countries, and you should stick to these brokers, at least for the start.
If everything is legal and regular, study carefully the terms of use and all the offers and services broker provides. Most of the time, you will want to get as high returning rates as possible, but not always. Be realistic when reading about success rates. Anyone promising you 100% success is probably lying, everything else is possible. Learn more at .

Most of the broker companies offer several different types of accounts, each of them including various conditions and advantages. When choosing the best type of account for you, consider the amount of minimum deposit required, types of trading methods included, an assortment of bonuses and other aspect involved.
96d9e93326d8691d85b338ca11748301_ttck-3.pngWhen it comes to the mere process of investing and trading, read thoroughly the Assets index where the brokers expose the lists of all the assets, commodities, indices, and stocks available for trading with binary options. Altogether with this, check the given span of expiry periods and search for those that fit your trading strategy best.
Finally, you want to work with professional, responsible and dedicated broker company. Check their educational material, courses they offer and the quality of their customer service. If possible, ask around for impressions and experiences among other clients to see if deadlines are fulfilled, because you wouldn’t like to earn some money and wait for it too long. The average quality of services usually means waiting for a couple of days for payments.

The banking system included should cover all major banks and credit cards usually used among traders.